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Water Conservation

If the "footprint " of your house is - say - 120 square meters (a small house), then in an average year 95 cubic meters , that is 95 tons, of water in the form of rain or snow falls on the roof , and is channelled by the gutters into drains. What a waste. Just think how much money you could save per year in water bills, not to mention being able to bypass the hosepipe ban, if you could store just some of that water. We can supply water storage tanks to hold 1.5 tonnes of water at a time for as little as £199.00 each + VAT. They can be buried in the garden, or hidden behind screens, planting or garden buildings, and connected to the gutter downpipes, through a filter. Then we simply install a pump, and hey- presto- plentiful water for your garden, car washing etc, that no water company can interfere with.

For a quotation for rainwater storage, call or email Noel.

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