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  • Noel Brock

Wildlife pond!

Frognal Gardens continue their commitment to the local community and local wildlife by donating all design and construction for a new and vandal-proof concrete wildlife pond at the Jenny Wood Nature Reserve.

Frognal Gardens install the 100-year guaranteed firestone pond liner:

Our staff lay foundation slabs to protect the liner from damage during its 100-year lifetime:

6 tons of concrete are spread over the protective slabs to seal the joints and give another layer of protection:

After 6 weeks of washing and hardening-off, Dave Lawrence of the local wildlife volunteers joins Noel to check that the pond is ready for filling. Noel's daughter, Zoe, joins in.

Dave very kindly donated the cost of the pond liner and the concrete used in construction:

The pond is finally ready! The Blue Watch of the West Hampstead fire station arrive to pump in ten tones of water needed to fill the pond!

Zoe looks on, anxious to get involved:

The fireman let Zoe fill the pool and let her try on a fire helmet afterwards:

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