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April 2015

It's really lovely to leave England in late winter as I did two weeks ago, and return to full blown spring. I will never tire of the english spring time, and Hampstead is a great place to enjoy it!

It seems that we have been busy while I was away, hurrying to finish all winter jobs while starting all the new springtime tasks.

Last winter was especially busy, with walls and fences to build all over Hampstead and surrounding boroughs. A good variety of fences - especially decorative designer fences of machine rounded logs, concrete post-and-gravel-board fences built to last 100 years, ordinary wooden lap or board fences to replace the damage of all those winter storms.

Here are a few we finished in recent weeks.

This is a close-boarded fence with reinforced concrete posts, and concrete gravel boards at the base. Built to last a 100 years.

Here is a designer fence of full-round logs.

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