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Dear Noel,

Must tell you that the garden is simply wonderful, and gives endless pleasure.

Thanks so much to you and your colleagues for all the hard work. And the magnolia is a work of art.

I was so pleased to get your invoice this morning. I take it as a sign that winter is over, despite the freezing cold! When are you planning to come round here?


I am so much looking forward to spring and enjoying the garden again. Many thanks for all the hard work of your people over this cold winter.

Dear Noel,

Just to say that Emma and Daniel were just great, and I feel I have my garden back! They worked very efficiently, got on with the tasks, and worked well as a team with Emma in charge

Many thanks for you and your teams work at 173 over the last 15 years, we're going to miss that lovely view!


Hi Noel,

I was in such a hurry on Friday, and so focused on the drip, that I failed to mention how absolutely striking the garden has been this year!

Every week it changes, and every week it is absolutely gorgeous.

I hope you remember the formula for next year. :-)



Dear Noel

Absolutely thrilled with the window boxes - the scent, the arrangement - they have made my weekend.




Thanks for all of this.It is a pleasure to be working with you all (we hope you feel the same?!)


Hi Noel!

Thanks a million for putting the grit down! Have a nice weekend!



Thank you Noel for having my drive cleared twice this week.




Dear Noel,

You are doing an excellent job of looking after the garden. In the past I have asked you to leave the pots for me to do, as I have enjoyed doing these myself. However, the reality is I do not have enough time...

You wonderful people!

Thank you!



Dear Noel,

Thank you. I hoped very much you would do the artistic work on it that we know it requires.

Thank you so much.


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