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Water - The Garden Lifeblood

The average homeowner has two motives for having his or her garden professionally landscaped: to improve the look and comfort of the garden and to increase the value of the property. Due to modern living, home owners want year round colour with minimum effort.

Whatever the motive, a new garden represents a substantial investment. Unless you stock your garden with cacti and such plans, watering is the one essential task. A professionally installed irrigation system saves water, time, effort and even money. One of our systems can actually reduce water bills by delivering just the right amount of water; you need not worry about under or over watering. The system can be set to water early in the morning or late in the evening, to take advantage of increased water pressure and to minimise evaporation. It will also continue to water your garden when you take a well deserved holiday!

It's not only lawns and borders that can benefit from a professional system; it can also accommodate pot plants, window boxes and hanging baskets. Our systems are ecologically beneficial as they can use up to 40% less water than a hosepipe.

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