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On Monday it is back to business.

This mating pair of frogs was rescued from a light-well in Hampstead.
We let them lay their eggs, then Noel and daughter Zoe placed the eggs and proud parents into one of the ponds we have recently built in a nature reserve in West Hamp...

We are delighted to announce that we are finalist of 
Garden Maintenance APL Awards 2020 for 2 gardens!


We are very excited that our new wildflower garden at Belsize Square, NW3, is finally ready! We will be selling home-grown Hampstead wildflowers from July.

This is probably the first time that Hampstead-grown wildflowers have been on sale for more than a hundred years!


Our new stunning display in the front garden of UCS Active Leasure Club in Frognal NW3 won joint first prize in Grow London's new "Seen from street" competition, which chooses the best gardens in London which are visible from the street, and thus contribute to the "gre...

Snake spotting in the London Borough of Camden may seem a rather quiet, uneventful occupation. Birds surely offer a more promissing hobby? But wait! It seems there is a fairly well established feral population of rat snakes - Elaphe Longissima - Aesculapian Snake,...

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been approved for membership of the British Association of Landscape Industries, the most prestigious and respected garden industry organisation in the world!

With this membership you now have the reassurance of the BAL...

Many pet owners in London are concerned about marauding packs of foxes attacking their pets. Foxes are protected in London and with no natural predator they have now reached hefty numbers in London.

It is our experience that foxes , generally speaking, will not attack d...

A debate has been raging in the Hampstead Conservation Area about whether small garden birds are suffering from the increase in populations of predatory birds such as sparrow hawks, jays and magpies.


The Frog has some thoughts on this.


Smaller birds


The picture is a mi...

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